Art sculpture objects
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By David Morris – For some reason watching the impeachment hearings today, I am reminded of this sculpture by Bradey Arthur of Tampa,...

Banana Art

By now the news splash of the $120,000 Banana art has been replaced by the next “gotcha story”.  As with so much of these quick headlines to grab attention they do just that, grab attention, but has the recipient of the news gained proper perspective of any level of...


Thanksgiving gives us the wonderful opportunity to serve others!  We should all make it a daily function of our lives.  To see the Shadow art of how the sculpure of Bradley Arthur works, please visit:

“Paradox 1”

Bradley Arthur’s interactive text-based sculpture on exhibition at the Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa. The exhibit titled “Illuminations” words and images in Art runs for two months thru the month of October, 2016. ©Be-Art
Art sculpture objects